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HPFS read-only driver for DOS,Win9x

Long Description:
iHPFS makes it possible for OS/2 users to use their HPFS partitions when they boot plain DOS or Windows 9x. The HPFS partition is assigned a drive letter, and can be accessed like any DOS drive. iHPFS is restricted to read-only access. Add to autoexec.bat to use under Windows 9x. The program allows you to set drive letters and which HPFS partitions to read. Also included are two DOS utilities dumbdrive and killdrive to shuffle logical drive letters around.

Program Contact:
Veit Kannegieser (

Upload Date:
2000-07-31 00:00:00

Program Source:

Runs on:
DOS 3.1+, Win9x

386 CPU
Download via HTTP

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